Finding the right people to care for your kids while you work can be a long process. Learn tips for finding the best child care for your family.

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When I started working from home, I realized that it was going to be pretty difficult to take care of my little ones while I worried about my business. To make things functional, I decided to hire in-home child care to help me out. I wanted someone who could look after my children with the same attention to detail I could offer them, while being kind, caring, and gentle-hearted. After interviewing several different professionals, I finally settled on a nanny who understood what it meant to truly love and care for small children. She was wonderful, and she has become like a member of our family. This blog is all about finding better child care for your precious little ones.

Helping Your Toddler Adjust To Daycare

25 June 2020
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Transitioning to daycare can be an overwhelming event for a toddler who is used to being at home. For many families, daycare is necessary and can be challenging for a child to accept. Crying, tantrums, or resistance are often difficulties parents face when a toddler is having difficulty separating from their parents. Here are some tips to help your toddler adjust to daycare: 1. Talk About Daycare Positively Preparing a toddler for an upcoming change can help make transitions smoother. Read More …

Three Ways That Daycares Focus On Security

11 February 2020
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Parents will typically evaluate daycares for their children in different ways. For example, you might assess the staff-to-child ratio, consider how convenient the daycare center is to where you live, and look at the on-site amenities that the center provides. There's another topic that you might initially overlook, but that can certainly be valuable to consider. As a parent, you always want your child to be safe, and this includes during his or her time at daycare. Read More …

3 Benefits Of Finding A Year Round Preschool

24 September 2019
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Looking for a preschool to put your child into can be a bit stressful. Not only do you want to find a safe environment for them, but you also want to choose one that they will learn and grow in as well. The difficult thing about a lot of preschools, though, is that many of them just go through the traditional school year, which can be hard during the summers. But what if you could find a year-round preschool center for your child to attend? Read More …

Ask Your Child’s Preschool Teacher How Transitions Between Activities Take Place

20 March 2019
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Parents of preschool-aged children will often have a number of questions to ask the preschool teachers in the child's first few days of attending. One topic that you might not immediately think about evaluating is how transitions between activities take place. In a given day, your child and his or her classmates will perform a wide range of activities, which means that there will be a transition between each of them. Read More …

Steps To Take To Become A Foster Parent

12 April 2018
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Becoming a foster parent is a wonderful way to make a difference in the life of a child who has been removed from his or her home. Most foster parents find the experience to be very rewarding. However, becoming a foster parent is not a quick or easy process. Continue reading to learn more about the steps you will need to take to become a foster parent: Background Check State governments want to be sure that children are being placed with capable foster parents, so they conduct thorough background checks. Read More …