From Home To Preschool ~ Tips To Make The Transition Easier

Finding the right people to care for your kids while you work can be a long process. Learn tips for finding the best child care for your family.

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When I started working from home, I realized that it was going to be pretty difficult to take care of my little ones while I worried about my business. To make things functional, I decided to hire in-home child care to help me out. I wanted someone who could look after my children with the same attention to detail I could offer them, while being kind, caring, and gentle-hearted. After interviewing several different professionals, I finally settled on a nanny who understood what it meant to truly love and care for small children. She was wonderful, and she has become like a member of our family. This blog is all about finding better child care for your precious little ones.

From Home To Preschool ~ Tips To Make The Transition Easier

28 March 2016
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Are you considering enrolling your child in preschool? If so, your choice may be related to your desire or need to return to the workforce, or it may be related to the best interests of your child. Either way, you and your child have likely created strong bonds if they have been home with you every day. You may have feelings that include excitement, sadness, guilt, or even worry. The following tips can help you and your child make a wonderful entrance into the world of early education and reduce any negative feelings you have about the transition. 

Flexible Enrollment Options

If your child has separation anxiety or special needs, ensure that you choose a preschool has flexible enrollment options. For example, if you are considering preschool due to concerns about your child's social development, you may want to inquire with schools about whether or not they offer half-day enrollment options. This can help your child get used to going to school, and eventually, they might be ready for full-day enrollment. 

Alternate Classroom Visit Options

Perhaps you have worries about what your child will be doing each day. Most centers will likely welcome parent visits, but it may not be feasible for you to go to the school at your leisure if it is located too far from your home or job. Frequent visits might also distract your child from learning. Consider inquiring with centers about the ability to view your child's classroom. Updated technology has made it possible for some centers to offer parent viewing by means of computer or smartphone. The teacher might also be able to give you a daily report to put your mind at ease.

Learning Needs

Your child may be advanced, on-par or slightly behind their peers in terms of things they already know. Ensure that you choose a center that will be able to incorporate small group or one-on-one teaching as needed to children. This means that your child will likely have the opportunity to learn at their appropriate level without becoming bored because the work is too easy or overwhelmed because the work is too difficult. 

Home Preparation

There are a number of things that you can start doing now to ensure that your child has a better chance at success in preschool. Encourage independence. You can do this by allowing your child to perform simple chores. Nurture your child but avoid baby talk. Your child is growing up and their teachers are likely not going to speak to them in a babyish manner. Starting this communication pattern at home can benefit them in the classroom. Establish an appropriate bedtime and awake time that will mimic the preschool schedule they will have. This measure is all about starting to reinforce good habits and routines.