Tips For Hiring A Caregiver When You're Divorced

Finding the right people to care for your kids while you work can be a long process. Learn tips for finding the best child care for your family.

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Tips For Hiring A Caregiver When You're Divorced

4 April 2016
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Establishing childcare is always challenging. Unfortunately, being divorced can make all decisions regarding your child that much more difficult. Here are some helpful tips to make hiring (or paying for) childcare a little easier when you are divorced.

Put the Kids First

Kids are sensitive to matters concerning divorce. It is a stressful time all around, but more for the children. Don't fight in front of the kids over childcare expenses. If needed, get a neutral third party mediator, or go before the judge to get disputes settled, if you can't settle them on your own.

Honest Communication

Keep the dialogue between yourself and your ex honest. If one makes more than the other, or has the kids more often, then that person should say so. Split expenses along those lines to avoid creating resentment between the parents.

Keep It Civil

Even if you can't stand your ex, keeping everything civil will go a long way toward a harmonious transition for your children, especially if they have to change daycare providers as well as have to deal with a different living arrangement. This can also help you and your ex to split with the least amount of fighting possible.

Do Your Research

Have a list of daycare facilities that you would prefer to use, and have your ex do the same. Research both lists, and do background checks if necessary. Have clear, concise reasons for and against choices ready for when you meet to discuss daycare providers. If it is necessary to go back to court, having research to back your opinions will go a long way. Don't just disagree for the sole purpose of ticking off your ex.

Be Up-Front with the Rules

Are there certain times either parent is not allowed to pick up the kids? Is there a family member who is not allowed to pick up the children at all? These rules and any others need to be discussed with potential daycare providers before they come up, to avoid any problems. Never put the daycare provider in the middle of disputes, it is unfair to them and your kids.  Don't bad-mouth the other parent to the daycare provider, or your kids.

Be Willing to Compromise

One can't always have everything the way they want, doubly so if one has children. Be willing to compromise on some of the details, for the sake of doing what is best for the kids. It may mean paying a little more for, or not going with your first choice of daycare provider.

As you can see, communication and remaining positive are the keys to making childcare work when you are divorced. If you have more questions, contact a daycare provider like Mendon Child Care Ctr.