Three Ways That Daycares Focus On Security

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Three Ways That Daycares Focus On Security

11 February 2020
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Parents will typically evaluate daycares for their children in different ways. For example, you might assess the staff-to-child ratio, consider how convenient the daycare center is to where you live, and look at the on-site amenities that the center provides. There's another topic that you might initially overlook, but that can certainly be valuable to consider. As a parent, you always want your child to be safe, and this includes during his or her time at daycare. Daycare centers today make considerable investments in security, and it's always a good idea to check with the centers you're considering to assess their focus on security. Here are some security features that you might find.

Biometric Scanning

You might think of biometric scanners — scanners that scan your thumb — as being something that you'd only find at top-secret government facilities. The reality is that many daycares are starting to implement the use of these scanners as a way to keep the area secure and the children safe. A daycare center's biometric scanner means that only certain people can access the facility. As a parent, there is arguably no better security method that you can hear about when you're evaluating different daycares for your child.

Security Cameras

You'll definitely want to choose a daycare center that has multiple security cameras around its premises. When you arrive at a particular daycare for a tour, take note of the presence of cameras. Ideally, you'll see some outside — perhaps above the door and at each corner of the building to provide 360-degree coverage. When you enter, you should also see cameras that face the doors and cameras in the various hallways of the building. Don't be surprised to see cameras inside of the room where your child will be spending much of his or her time, too.

Front Desk

Another important security measure that you want to see is a front desk with a staff member who deals with every guest who arrives. Generally, this staff member will need to unlock the building's door when a guest arrives, and then determine what the guest needs. You should also expect to see a guest sign-in/sign-out book that each visitor must use upon arriving and before leaving. Don't be afraid to bring up the topic of security when you visit a daycare center. Any staff member should be proud to talk to you about the various security measures that the center takes.

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